ABS Hard shell 4 wheel Travel Trolley Suitcase Luggage set Holdall Case (20", Black)

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  • Specification:

    • Product Type: General Item
    • Product Name: ABS Hardshell Travel Trolley Suitcase 4 wheel Luggage set Hand Luggage, 20", (Black)
    • Main Color: Black
    • Main Material: ABS


  • Package Size:

    • Length (cm): 36.00
    • Width (cm): 23.00
    • Height (cm): 56.00
    • Weight (kg): 3.50


  • Product Features:
    Elevate your travel experience with the ABS Hardshell Travel Trolley Suitcase, featuring a modern design that adds a touch of glamour to your journey. This suitcase becomes your reliable companion, accompanying you on the road with style and sophistication.

    Experience a peaceful and quiet journey with the silent gimbaled wheels. Designed to glide effortlessly and noiselessly, these wheels provide a sense of tranquility and ensure a smooth travel experience.

    For those traveling with family or carrying a lot of luggage, the extendable suitcase feature comes to the rescue. This function allows you to expand the capacity of the suitcase, accommodating more items for your trip and providing a convenient way to travel.

    The adjustable telescoping handle adds convenience to your journey. With its smooth operation, you can effortlessly lift and lower the case, making your travel experience seamless and effortless.

    Rest assured that your privacy and belongings are safe with the secure three-digit combination lock. This reliable lock ensures that your valuables are protected on the go, granting you peace of mind during your travels.


  • Product Dimensions:

    • 20 inch: L35 × W23 × H57cm
    • 24 inch: L45 × W28 × H69cm
    • 28 inch: L52 × W32 × H78cm

    Choose the PP188016AAA ABS Hardshell Travel Trolley Suitcase for its modern design, practical features, and reliable security. Embrace a travel experience that combines style, convenience, and peace of mind. Order now and make your journey a memorable one.

ABS Hard shell 4 wheel Travel Trolley Suitcase Luggage set Holdall Case (20", Black)
Anthracite / ABS - £40.99
  • Anthracite / ABS - £40.99

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